Rent strikers protest at home of Guy Alberga

Today Parkdale rent strikers took their fight to MetCap’s front door, to the home of Guy Alberga, co-owner of four MetCap buildings including 87 Jameson. With tenants at 87 Jameson being dragged in front of the Landlord and Tenant Board on Wednesday on their landlord’s application to raise their rent by nearly 15% over three years, rent strikers demanded Alberga withdraw the application immediately. Rent strikers spoke out and flyered Alberga’s neighbours to expose him as a slumlord who uses rent increases to push working class tenants out of their homes so as to maximize his personal profit-making. Alberga himself refused to show his face to the people whose rent cheques pay for his Forest Hill estate.

The protest ended with rent strikers declaring they would return to Parkdale to continue organizing their neighbours for Wednesday’s confrontation with MetCap and the Landlord and Tenant Board.

City News coverage here:

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