Parkdale Rent Strikers Demand Repairs for Neighbours

Today rent strikers delivered a letter to Darren Shaw, MetCap property manager, to demand that the necessary repairs be completed in their neighbour’s unit. Rather than deal with his tenants Darren chose to run away. When tenants followed him down Tyndall Avenue asking when they could expect the work to be completed he refused to comment and called the police.

Bozena and Stanislav are long time residents of 91 Jameson. For months their bedroom has been unliveable. Every time it rains the room floods through the window and exterior wall. The interior wall is cracked and severely water damaged. The couple has to sleep in their living room. On top of this their apartment door is damaged and does not lock. Making matters worse only one elevator in the building functions at all and it often will not stop on the eighth floor where the couple lives. Stanislav is quite elderly and ill and cannot manage the stairs to reach the elevator on the seventh floor.

While MetCap continues to claim publicly that there are no disrepair issues in their buildings, tenants like Bozena and Stanislav have been left in unlivable conditions. Today Parkdale rent strikers made it clear to MetCap that we will not accept this.

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