Statement of Principles

Parkdale Organize is a membership-based group of working class people who organize to build neighbourhood power in Parkdale. Where landlords, bosses, or the state exploit or abuse us, we organize to defend, inform, educate and empower our neighbours to collectively improve our conditions. We want to build working class organizations independent of politicians and social service providers.

We join with our neighbours to fight displacement, rent increases, and disrepair. We work with parents and caregivers to provide a better environment for our families and youth. We support the struggles of workers in our neighbourhood against abusive and exploitative bosses. When working class people in Parkdale struggle, we have their backs.

Parkdale Organize is against the complacency and inaction of working class people when faced with common struggles. We organize across all false divisions between our neighbours whether based on race, gender, sexuality, nationality, ethnicity, ability, language and literacy, level of education or level of poverty. We oppose all those who want to further divide us.