Tyndall Avenue Tenants Push Back

By a member of the 99 Tyndall building committee

On October 13th, my neighbours and I at 99 Tyndall Avenue were facing unwelcome intrusions of our homes by our landlord, Akelius, under the guise of so-called “inspections for cleanliness.” Significantly enough, those of us being targeted by Akelius are longer- term tenants with desirable two bedroom units and/or desirable views of the lake. Clearly, Akelius was up to their usual tricks of intimidation and harassment attempting to lay the tracks down for subsequently evict- ing us longer-term tenants and jacking the rent on our units for a tidy pro t. Those of us being targeted could very well find ourselves forced out of our homes and looking at un- affordable rents elsewhere in the neighbourhood.

Fortunately, our neighbours at 99 Tyndall as well as other nearby buildings chose to come to our aid, organizing a rally to meet the Akelius people face to face in the lobby of 99 Tyndall as they came to do their so-called “cleanliness inspections.” The Akelius people were very much surprised by the large turn- out of concerned tenants from 99 Tyndall and other Parkdale properties. They realized that intimidation and harassment would no longer be tolerated by rent paying tenants. Neighbours would help neighbours. The community was visible and had to be reckoned with.

As a direct result of our organizing and coming together for mutual protection, the Akelius minions reluctantly agreed to provide in writing what exactly they meant by “cleanliness” before any such invasive inspections would occur and that Akelius would pay to remedy any deciencies found. More importantly, Akelius agreed not to use these inspections as grounds for eviction.

Wisely enough, these important promises from Akelius were recorded by those present using cameras and cell phones. Akelius realized that they could not simply ignore Parkdale tenants and that they would be held accountable for the promises that they made that day in the light of social media.

Our action on October 13 was possible because of our organizing over the past two years since Akelius bought our building. If you live in a building in Parkdale, and you’re reading this, consider talking to your neighbours about getting organized and forming a building committee. Get in touch with Parkdale: Organize! if you need some help getting started.

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