February 1 Rent Strike at 1251 King

Nuspor Investments: Drop the rent increase now!

Tonight, at a meeting called by the building committee at 1251 King, tenants committed in numbers to going on rent strike February 1. The tenants demand their landlord, Nuspor Investments, drop the above guideline rent increase at the building now.

In an attempt to intimidate tenants, Nuspor hired a security guard to stand in the lobby and spy on the meeting. Our neighbours were not intimidated. They have strength in numbers. They have a strong and active building committee. And they have the support of their neighbours in buildings throughout Parkdale.

Over the past few days more and more tenants in the building have pledged to join the rent strike. In the coming week more will pledge to join. We will be calling on our neighbours in Parkdale to stand alongside the tenants of 1251 King. Their struggle is ours and we will win.

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