Report: Parkdale Fights Back

This morning at 8:00am, in the midst of our daily grind, over 300 Parkdale parents, students, teachers and workers met on Jameson. We came together to demonstrate our strength in the face of attacks on our neighbourhood. We made a commitment to stand together in the struggles ahead. We committed to defending our homes, our schools, our jobs, and our services. We came together with one message: to defend ourselves, we must be organized.

Today was the first step in building the organization we need in Parkdale. In each and every struggle – whether in our buildings, our schools and workplaces, at the Ontario Food Terminal, and throughout Parkdale – the independent organization of working-class people is our greatest strength. We must involve every one of our neighbours and co-workers. In doing so WE become the decision makers in these struggles.

Now is the time to prepare ourselves because bosses, landlords, and politicians are preparing too. Those of us who stood on Jameson today must go back to our buildings and workplaces and share the news. We are Parkdale and Parkdale depends on us.

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