Laxton Tenants Put Landlord on Notice

Today our neighbours at 2 Laxton visited their landlord, Gojko Kuzmanovic at his residence off Royal York Road. Tenants put him on notice to do long neglected repairs in their units and common areas in the building.

“When I moved in the unit was filthy and I had to stay with a friend while I cleaned it up,” said Tsering, a member of the building committee. “My stove is broken and I have had to spend money to eat out for the past month.”

This morning tenants delivered 20 work order forms detailing disrepair in their units to the landlord. They also delivered a letter demanding repairs to common areas, such as replacement of soiled and torn hallway and stairwell carpeting. Tenants say the City of Toronto and Landlord and Tenant Board have failed to address conditions at the building which threaten their health and safety.

“A couple of tenants tried complaining to the City and the Board but it didn’t work,” said Steven, an organizer and tenant of fourteen years. “We have to organize the building and pressure the landlord directly. This isn’t about me or any one tenant, it’s about all of us, the whole building.”  

When tenants confronted Kuzmanovic at his door he committed to starting work this week and replacing the hallway carpets by the end of September. Tenants say they plan to hold him to his word.

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