Notice: Eviction Stoppage + Supporting Neighbours

1. Eviction Stoppage

Read the story in the Toronto Star

It’s unclear how long outstanding eviction orders will be postponed but they are, for the moment, being halted. Behind most evictions lies a crisis. Whether a tenant’s spouse has died or they lost their job, whether they can’t work without affordable childcare or are unable to work because of a virus – none of these tenants should lose their home to eviction. If there are increased evictions because of COVID-19, Parkdale tenants will need to stand together to prevent these eviction attempts, as we should always stand with our neighbours against eviction. As members of Parkdale Organize, we stand against all evictions in our neighbourhood whatever the reason for them might be.

2. Supporting Neighbours

Contact Parkdale Organize

Over the past few days, tenants throughout the neighbourhood have been reaching out to their neighbours – asking if they need help with groceries, medicine, or feelings of dread and isolation. Working class people in this neighbourhood regularly depend on each other to survive crises in their daily lives. The communication, solidarity and support between people in this neighbourhood has always been our greatest strength. Social distancing does not need to mean abandonment. If you know of anyone in the neighbourhood who needs help, have them reach out to Parkdale Organize.

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