Didn’t Pay Your Rent? What Comes Next?

Lost jobs. Hours cut. Bills to pay. Families to feed.







There is a reason Divide and Conquer is a phrase everyone knows. It’s a strategy used against people every time we come together in support of one another. We can’t allow that to happen now. N4s, private negotiations with landlords, threats and intimidation of individual tenants are ALL part of a divide and conquer strategy. We can’t be fooled in to thinking that we as individual tenants can deal with this crisis on a case-by-case basis between landlords and individual tenants.

In our buildings and neighbourhoods hundreds of tenants and families are coming together. We need to focus on strengthening this. Tenants in Teesdale, Goodwood, Crescent Town, Mabelle, Malton, the Annex, Bloorcourt, Litte Italy, Little Portugal, Markham and Eglinton, Parkdale, Mississauga and more are doing exactly this. 

But many that have not or can not pay rent are not in direct contact with one another. All of us need to make that contact happen. 

What we can do now:
1. Check in with tenants you have already spoken to and find out: (a) who has not paid rent, (b) if tenants have received a response from the landlord and (c) if a collective response from tenants is needed.
2. Ensure that tenants in your building or neighbourhood have each other’s phone numbers and are able to reach out if they need to. Encourage people to do this if they have concerns.
3. Start whatsapp or other chatgroups for tenants in your building or add neighbours to groups that already exist to be able to stay in communication.
4. Print out the attached poster in order to get in contact with more tenants in your building or area who have not paid rent.

Doing this can help others and ourselves to stay in contact and support each other, which is what is needed right now. If you have any questions or need contacts from your building, feel free to contact us today.

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