No Demands for Rent. No Threats of Eviction!

Tenants are stronger when we organize and refuse individual deals with the landlord.

Thousands of tenants who have not paid rent this month were contacted by their landlords. Some landlords have issued eviction notices, many others have attempted to pressure tenants into agreeing to repay rent. These landlords have the same goal in mind: keep tenants divided and therefore weak.

Tenants are organizing. Rather than dealing with the landlord as individuals, tenants are responding to landlords’ eviction threats and pressure tactics collectively. Tenants are demanding that landlords forego rent collection and all threats of eviction during the Covid-19 crisis; that no tenant should face eviction or personal debt for not paying rent during a pandemic. 

Agreeing to rent repayment puts tenants at risk 

Many tenants face pressure from landlords to agree to repay April rent on top of future rent. By signing repayment agreements tenants potentially put themselves at greater risk of eviction later on. There is no clear end in sight to the pandemic or to the worsening social and economic conditions tenants have been especially hard hit by.

Relief money is not rent money

In a matter of days 500,000 jobs disappeared in Ontario. Many of us were living cheque to cheque before Covid-19. The relief money was offered to respond to the crisis of not having money for food and medicine. If we use relief money for rent we will have practically nothing left.

Paying only part of the rent doesn’t protect tenants

By law paying part of the rent is treated the same way as not paying rent at all. Many tenants need to keep that money for food, medicine, and other supplies. 

N4 eviction notices do not require tenants to move out

If you receive an N4 eviction notice you don’t have to move out.

Landlords must apply to the Landlord and Tenant Board for an eviction order. Currently, the enforcement of evictions and new eviction orders has been suspended by order of the superior Court of Ontario.

Volunteering to Vacate

Landlords are using the crisis to pressure tenants into voluntarily moving out so they can raise rents on units by hundreds of dollars a month. The form used to voluntarily end your tenancy is called an N11. Do not sign anything.

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