June 9 Queen’s Park Rally: No COVID Evictions. Not now, Not ever

On Tuesday, June 9 at 2:00 PM sharp, tenants from across the GTA will come together at Queen’s Park to demand that there be no evictions for unpaid rent during the COVID-19 crisis. Not now. Not ever.

Join us at Queen’s Park and send a message to the government, landlords and our fellow tenants: we will never accept COVID evictions. We will organize to protect the health and homes of our neighbours and make sure that none of us are left behind.

* Background: The Ontario Superior Court may have temporarily suspended eviction hearings but there is nothing that protects tenants from COVID evictions once the suspension is lifted. No commitments have been made by our landlords and no protection has been provided by the government. Many of our neighbourhoods have seen the highest rates of job loss and COVID infections in the province. For months now thousands of tenants in Toronto have had little to no ability to pay rent and stay safe. For those that have fallen behind, paying back rent will be a crushing debt sentence they may not recover from. All while eviction, homelessness and the risk of infection hangs over our heads.

* Pre-rally actions: In the week leading up to this rally, tenants across the city are encouraged to plan actions confronting their landlord. Demands will be delivered to their offices and homes. Mass call-ins will be organized. Landlords will be put on notice.

* COVID precautions: Social distancing will be strictly followed. This means 2 metres (6.5 ft) of distance between each person at all times. Masks are mandatory. If you can, bring your own. If not, masks will be available. COVID-19 has hit our neighbourhoods the hardest and we refuse to increase that threat. For months, we have organized in our buildings and neighbourhoods with health and safety in mind. We will continue that in a disciplined fashion at this action.

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