What OPSEU Workers Can Do About Mass Evictions

Unionized public service workers (members of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union) are required at every stage of the eviction process. Without those workers, mass evictions would not be possible. Participating in the eviction of struggling tenants during a health and housing crisis is not a public service.

Your employer may demand you participate in the evictions of your fellow Ontarians but you are not powerless. You have the ability and responsibility as workers to stand with other working class people.

If the LTB opens, OPSEU workers will be needed to: 

  • Process eviction applications 
  • Schedule eviction hearings
  • Coordinate phone or online hearings
  • Enforce evictions
  • Forcibly remove tenants from their homes

But OPSEU workers can take a stand with struggling tenants if you refuse to participate in evictions. This would be a true public service.

OPSEU members, you can and should organize together as unionized workers to collectively refuse to participate in COVID evictions.

  1. Speak to your co-workers.
  2. Organize together.
  3. Make a plan for action. 

OPSEU members have a critical role to play in supporting and protecting the health and safety of tenants in this province.

If you are an OPSEU member who wants to prevent the mass eviction of tenants due to COVID-19, please reach out to parkdaleorganize at gmail dot com.

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