We Won’t Abandon Our Schools

In wealthy neighbourhoods across Toronto, in-person enrollment sits at 80-95% for their elementary schools. In working class neighbourhoods like Parkdale, Jane and Finch, Markham and Eglinton and throughout Scarborough, 25-60% is the norm.

So, what do they know that we don’t know? They know that when they keep their kid enrolled, they prevent classes from being collapsed and resources from being removed from the school. They know that if they ever feel unsafe bringing their kid, they won’t. They know that they can push their school for safer conditions while they bring their kid to the parts of the day that they are comfortable with, even if that just means outdoor time.

They know that our kids remain enrolled at their school as long as they attend once out of every 15 days. And they know that they can negotiate conditions of attendance with teachers, principals and superintendents.

Across Parkdale, parents have been changing their enrollment to in-person. Parents can make this change anytime before school starts. Contact your child’s principal or vice-principal today to enroll for in-person classes and fight for safe conditions in our schools.

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