Michael Lax: You Won’t Evict our Neighbours!

Yesterday flyers were posted in the neighbourhood of landlord Michael Lax of Nuspor Investments, owner of the high rise apartment building at 1251 King in Parkdale. Flyers were also posted in the area of the private school where Lax is a director. We hope Lax’s neighbours and the families who are part of his school community call on Michael Lax to stop his attacks on our neighbour Theresa.

Lax is evicting Theresa, a single mother and sole caregiver of her son Anthony who is disabled and unable to work. They have lived at the building since 1987.Lax is evicting our neighbours because they were unable to pay for pest control treatments to their unit, despite the fact that pest control is the landlord’s responsibility.

We won’t stand by while Lax’s company makes Theresa and Anthony homeless in the middle of a global pandemic. We care about our neighbours and are prepared to take action to defend them.

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