Evan Johnsen Evicts Parkdale Tenants

Today tenants of 12 Lansdowne attempted to deliver a letter to their landlord Evan Johnsen at his King Street West residence demanding that he drop the eviction notices he issued to them. Johnsen, who cannot be reached by tenants by phone or email, made himself scarce and would not accept the tenants’ letter himself. Tenants had no other option but to leave the letter with his ex-wife, Amy Stoddart, who claimed to no longer have any involvement with buildings owned by Johnsen.

In early January, tenants of the 23-unit building at 12 Lansdowne received N13 eviction notices for extensive renovations to their rental units. The ‘renoviction’ tactic has long been part of Johnsen’s playbook and his history of buying up rental properties and pushing tenants out their homes is well documented, including in the high profile case of 795 College Street. Johnsen has bought buildings and tried to evict Parkdale tenants before, but each time tenants have organized and put a stop to it.

Tenants of 12 Lansdowne expect a response from Johnsen to their letter within one week. If Johnsen fails to withdraw the eviction notices by then, they will have no other choice but to make their case much more public.

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